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And that’s how I’ve been for five years, “a 32-year-old writing partner told us last week.” Girlfriends don’t last me more than six months hornet review. And the same thing happens to my friends. I think it is because currently everyone is going their own way and does not think of anyone else, “another, 27, told us.

It’s a fact: flirting isn’t what it used to be. We spend the day at work, we go out at midnight and we go straight to do our daily chores. Go to the supermarket, put washing machines, go to the gym or, in the best of cases, to forget the day we have had with several beers. The weekend comes and we go out with the usual people. But we have a sexual lack, so we go fishing on weekends, in bars or discos. Outcome? We go home more alone than one. Nobody seems to be good enough for us.

Luis, 35, has already had nine appointments, and all have been a complete failure: “They are all very rare”

So, we have three options: hook up with someone from work (so many hours together turn friction into affection), hook up with a close friend (the bad known is always better than the good to know) or hook up with the first half-apparent being we see in a disco (and with high doses of alcohol in the vein the criterion becomes quite low).

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